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A word after a word after a word is power.
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The same mission that drove Kimberly to journalism drove her to philanthropy.

Kimberly stumbled into journalism, landing a job as a green reporter covering President Bill Clinton’s early morning White House jogs. But her move from The Oregonian’s newsroom to foundation work was deliberate and driven by a desire to make a difference.

“You get into journalism because you care and you want to 'comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.' At Meyer, I feel connected to work that is making life better and and more equitable for Oregonians, everyday. The programs, advocacy and diversity, equity and inclusion we support and model aim to make a real difference in our state.”

Before Meyer, Kimberly worked as a general assignment reporter and investigative journalist at The Oregonian and The Baltimore Sun, and in various reporting roles at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and the Associated Press. Journalism has placed her on the trail of a mass murderer on Antigua, amid the rubble of post-earthquake Haiti, and outside the blue doored compound where a suicide bomber plotted terror from a tranquil street in the Maldives.

​Her work was recognized as a finalist for The Pulitzer Prize twice during a​​​ ​career that coincided with major shifts in the industry: from​ ​print to digital and from​ ​journalist as reporter to​ ​journalist​ ​as​ ​storyteller and mediator.​ She is passionate about news and the state of journalism, and she is keenly interested in the strategic intersection of both with philanthropy.​

As communications director, Kimberly manages the brand and leads all strategic communications at Meyer, including media relations, web content development, social media, strategic storytelling as well as graphic design, community outreach and employee communications. Her daily goal: to guide the foundation's voice to cut through the noise, for good. 

A member of Meyer's executive team, Kimberly joined Meyer in 2014.