Our Mission

Our Mission

Meyer accelerates racial, social and economic justice for the collective well-being of Oregon’s lands and peoples.

Our Vision

We envision a future where all people are welcome, included and empowered to positively impact their communities and the world around them. 

Our Values


We respect and honor our deep connection to the earth and to one another. We prioritize collaborative and collective approaches so that our shared progress towards justice is strong, resilient and inclusive.

Shared Responsibility

We accept our shared responsibility for creating a more just future, one where we build trust through transparent communication, active listening and repair. Working in partnership helps us better identify and address key needs and opportunities.


We stay curious about what we don’t know, so that we can learn, adapt and change course when needed. We value community voice and expertise as primary sources of guidance and wisdom.

Joy and Belonging

Expressions of joy and belonging uplift and unite us. We are committed to nurturing their wild abundance as vital elements of a free society.