Our Mission

Meyer Memorial Trust accelerates racial, social and economic justice for the collective well-being of Oregon’s lands and peoples.


Past, Present and Future

Meyer Memorial Trust was created by the late Fred G. Meyer, founder of a chain of retail stores bearing his name throughout the Pacific Northwest. Established in 1982, Meyer has awarded roughly $930 million in grants and program-related investments to more than 3,500 organizations in Oregon and Southwest Washington. Since 2016, we’ve focused our grantmaking to better align with our mission: to work with and invest in organizations, communities, ideas and efforts that contribute to a flourishing and equitable Oregon.

The man behind the Meyer Memorial Trust, Fred G. Meyer, was a man ahead of his time. The values that guided him — to innovate, take risks, embrace diversity, adapt to changing circumstances, develop the power of the mind and contribute to economic development and parity — continue to create and inform the culture of the foundation he established, influencing what we do and how we do it.

Today, we see our role as working to dismantle barriers to equity in education, housing and the environment and to improve community conditions so that all Oregonians can reach their full potential.

We fulfill our mission using a mix of strategic, proactive and responsive investments, including grants, loans, initiatives, commissions for research and support for policy advocacy and a range of community and nonprofit engagement strategies.


Our Vision and Values

Meyer is committed to equity, which we define as fair access to opportunities.

We strive for responsiveness and flexibility, because we recognize that although the needs of Oregon evolve over time, there is value in multi-year and, in some instances, long-term commitments in order to bring about change.

We value collaboration, because partnering with organizations, people and communities allows us to collectively identify and address key needs and opportunities.

We aim for humbleness, which guides us as stewards and advocates of Meyer’s legacy in all interactions with the community.

We believe in accountability and transparency, because measuring our progress ensures our investments have meaningful impact. We hold ourselves accountable by actively monitoring, evaluating and learning.

We promote advocacy, because we recognize its crucial function as a leverage point in systems change.