Grounded in a vision of a flourishing and equitable Oregon, Meyer is committed to investing in change at the systemic level to ease inequities and disparities.

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Oregon Immigrant and Refugee Funders Collaborative

This partnership between The Collins Foundation, MRG Foundation, The Oregon Community Foundation, Pride Foundation and Meyer creates a coordinated and collaborative funding approach to address issues of immigration and refugees in the state, and to support local organizations responding to these issues. To apply, please read the full Funders Collaborative Scope Process and then click the button below for the downloadable common application, accessible from each funder’s website.


Meyer's Leadership Transition

Our new president and chief executive officer, Michelle J. DePass, will succeed Doug Stamm, who has led Meyer since 2002, on April 30.


Our History

Explore Meyer’s 35 year history on our timeline.


Pathways to Equity

How equity guides us

At Meyer, we believe diversity and inclusion are the pathways to equity. We remain deeply committed to the equity journey we began a few years back. This video offers a glimpse at where we are today, in 2016.

Our narrator is Khiarica Rasheed, a poet and graduate from Portland's Grant High School, who lent her voice to our vision.


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Our Portfolios

Meyer is focusing our energies in four areas where we feel we can have the greatest impact.