ICYMI: Meyer Memorial Trust to Relocate

Meyer Memorial Trust announced its purchase of a 25,000-square-foot lot at the intersection of North Vancouver Avenue and North TIllamook Street in close-in North Portland.

For 36 years, Meyer Memorial Trust has leased office space in buildings in downtown Portland, beginning at 1515 Market Square, where the Fred Meyer Charitable Trust first opened its doors in 1982. In 2004, Meyer moved to a space in the Pearl District, then an area filled mostly with industrial lots and warehouses.

The Skanner reports on the announcement that Meyer purchased 2045 N. Vancouver Avenue, with plans to build its new headquarters:

Anyeley Hallová, a partner at Project^, said the site was chosen partly for its proximity to transit and the availability of parking for partners driving in from elsewhere in the state. She also said (Meyer CEO Doug) Stamm and others stressed the importance of developing a site that wouldn’t displace anyone from their homes.

“The conversation we’ve had has been less about what is on site but with Meyer being there, how that can be a positive contributor to the neighborhood,” Hallová said.

Stamm said the organization has reached out to community partners representing organizations in the neighborhood – including Self Enhancement Inc., Portland Community Reinvestment Initiatives and the Urban League – to talk about ways to develop the space so it benefits the neighborhood. For example, Stamm said officials floated the idea of having a “convening space” available for community meetings, but said the organization won’t do it if it takes business away from other facilities.

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