2017 Annual Funding Opportunity: By-the-numbers

Meyer's 2017 Annual Funding Opportunity closed on April 19, and a quick crunch of the numbers starkly illustrates the gap between philanthropy and need in Oregon.


Meyer received 606 inquiry applications under our community, education, environment and housing portfolios, totaling $74 million.

Meyer expects to award $17.1 million under the funding opportunity, about 23 percent of what was requested. That gap is why Meyer invests in strategies that expand and deepen the impact of our grantmaking.

Most of the requests, 284 inquiry applications totaling $31 million, came under the Building Community portfolio, which works to further the vision that Oregonians can achieve their full potential, have a voice in decisions that affect them, and engage in and help build vibrant communities. The portfolio will invest $4.8 million toward that vision this year.

The Equitable Education portfolio saw the second largest request, with 166 requests, for a total of $23 million. This portfolio will invest $5.2 million through the funding opportunity to help Oregon students to realize their goals of increased academic achievement with the absence of disparities at all levels of the education continuum.

Nonprofits made 80 inquiry applications under Meyer's Healthy Environment portfolio, totaling $8 million. In all, Meyer will invest approximately $3.3 million through the portfolio to advance the vision of nurturing a resilient natural environment, while supporting the well-being of Oregon’s diverse cultures and communities.

And finally, 76 organizations applied for $11.7 million in funding under the Housing Opportunities portfolio. The portfolio will invest approximately $3.8 million this year to open doors to opportunity and strengthen communities through safe and affordable housing.

What comes next?

Meyer uses a two-step application process for our annual funding opportunity: Inquiry Applications and Full Proposals.

Beginning in mid-March, Meyer welcomed inquiry applications from eligible organizations seeking to advance one of our portfolios' goals. (You'll find a sample from the Building Community portfolio here). After the deadline of April 19, Meyer's inquiry applications review process normally takes approximately 65 days.

After reviewing Inquiry Applications, Meyer invites the most promising applicants to submit a full proposal. Meyer will notify organizations in mid-June whether or not they are invited to submit a full proposal. If invited, organizations will have three weeks to submit a full proposal, due in July. A sample preview of the full proposal application and questions is available at https://mmt.org/portfolio/community/full-proposal-questions.

After reviewing proposals and following up either in person or over the phone, Meyer anticipates making final award decisions by the end of 2017, with funding available to organizations in early 2018.

Questions? Check out our list of frequently asked questions at www.mmt.org/apply/applicant-resources/your-questions. Or contact us at grantops [at] mmt.org (grantops[at]mmt[dot]org) with questions about GrantIS.

— Kimberly