Your Questions

Meyer’s Annual Funding Opportunity process

How do I submit an application?

We accept grant applications through Meyer’s GrantIS application portal. Set up an account (if you don’t already have one). If you already have an account, you may log in here. Please check our portfolio pages for current deadlines and other important dates. 

What’s happening with Justice Oregon for Black Lives and Meyer’s Annual Funding Opportunity? 

Justice Oregon for Black Lives will not participate in Meyer’s Annual Funding Opportunity in 2021. If your organization receives funding from Meyer’s four portfolios it will still be eligible for additional funding from the Justice Oregon initiative.

Are there any big changes to Meyer’s Annual Funding Opportunity?

Yes, Meyer will not offer three-year funding for the 2021 Annual Funding Opportunity.

Can we use a fiscal sponsor for our grant application?

Yes, Meyer allows 501(c)(3) organizations to fiscally sponsor grant applications for other organizations that do not have that specific tax-exempt status. The fiscal sponsor organization will need to submit the grant application and if the grant is approved, will become the grantee and recipient of the grant award. Learn more about fiscal sponsorships.

Meyer’s guidelines provide a range of funding amounts. How do I know how much I should ask for?

The request amount should take into consideration the overall project size, project complexity, organization size and other funding sources. Please note that we only expect to make a modest number of grants at the top end of the funding ranges we have provided for each program. Each portfolio’s funding opportunity provides further guidance about request amounts. If you are unsure about what amount to request, you can contact us at questions [at] or at 503-228-5512, and we will be happy to discuss.

When can we expect to hear back from Meyer after we submit our application?

Meyer will respond by early June.

Are there other opportunities for funding outside the Annual Funding Opportunity? 

All opportunities will be posted on our Apply page, on each portfolio’s page and shared in Meyer’s newsletters, which you can subscribe to here.


Eligibility + Alignment

My organization currently has an active grant with Meyer. Are we eligible to apply for additional grants?

Generally, organizations that received multi-year grant funding through one of Meyer's Annual Funding Opportunities will not be eligible to apply for another Annual Funding Opportunity grant—unless they receive prior approval from the portfolio’s director.   

We anticipate that approvals will be exceptions and will be made only in situations in which total Meyer funding during the grant period would not comprise a significant portion (~20%) of the organization's total operating budget and in which one or more of the following apply:

  • the organization is applying on behalf of a collaborative or as a fiscal sponsor;
  • the organization is applying to the Housing Opportunities portfolio for a capital grant project and has other funding secured for the project;
  • there is an extraordinary and time-sensitive opportunity that clearly advances the portfolio's highest priorities; and/or
  • the organization has significant and distinct programming that falls in a different Meyer portfolio than its current grant.  


Organizations receiving funds through one of Meyer’s Requests For Proposals are eligible to apply for a grant through an Annual Funding Opportunity, but are highly encouraged to contact their currently assigned Meyer program staff prior to applying.

How many proposals can my organization submit under the Annual Funding Opportunity?    

An organization may submit only one proposal unless:

  • It is submitting one proposal for itself and one on behalf of a collaborative; or 
  • It is submitting one proposal for itself and any number as fiscal sponsor of another organization.


My organization’s work aligns with more than one portfolio’s goals. How do I know which portfolio to apply under?

Applicants will be asked to select one portfolio and identify which of that portfolio’s goal their proposal aligns with best. Applicants may include information about alignment with one or more of the other portfolio goals in the proposal narrative. We anticipate that for most organizations, the strongest connection with one portfolio and goal will be clear. However, if after reviewing the details about our funding opportunities, you feel that your request fits equally well with more than one portfolio, please contact us at questions [at], and we will be happy to explore the best option with you.


Other questions

Do you have to be an environmental organization to apply for Healthy Environment funding, a housing organization to apply for Housing Opportunities funding, or an educational institution to apply for Equitable Education funding?

No. We encourage organizations whose work will further our portfolios’ goals to apply for funding, regardless of how they identify.


Getting in touch

What is the best way to keep up to date about funding opportunities?

To be sure you receive timely updates, please sign up for our email Meyer Mail news alerts below and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Can I schedule an appointment to meet with Meyer staff ahead of a funding opportunity?

We are not able to schedule in-person one-on-one meetings with all potential applicants. However, if you want to talk about your proposal, please email questions [at] or call us at 503-228-5512, and we will connect you with the right person.

What’s the best way to contact staff with questions?

Please send your general question to questions [at] or call us at 503-228-5512, and we will connect you with the right person to assist you.

You can learn more about our Annual Funding Opportunity and talk to portfolio staff by joining open office hours.

What if I’m having difficulty using or logging in to Meyer’s GrantIS application system?

Please send an email to grantops [at] or call 503-228-5512 and ask for the grant operations department.