Welcome to Our New Website

Meyer's software engineer Grant Kruger, and social media specialist Darion Jones add the finishing touches to Meyer's new website.

We are excited to unveil our new look, a site with a sleeker design, simplified content and easier-to-find features. Meyer’s new site more effectively highlights what’s most important to us and our community. Our site’s functionality is also significantly improved, resulting in easier searches and a mobile-friendly design, so you can browse stories about our grantees on the go.

The new mmt.org highlights what’s most important to our partners, vistors and staff, through a more refined user experience designed to help make partnering with us easier and to share information and learning more effectively.

Here are just some of the features we’d like to highlight:

  • How easy it is to use across desktop computer, smartphone and tablets, which is a big deal as Meyer’s social media metrics show that although 98 percent of our visitors used desktop computers to come to our first version of mmt.org in 2010, 20 percent of visitors had shifted to mobile devices to access our website by 2016. We expect the number of tablet and smartphone users will only increase now that our site is more mobile friendly.

  • Front pages that show when Meyer is on-season — that is, open for grant requests or RFPs — and off-season, with no open grant opportunities or RFPs. The idea is to make it easier to know when Meyer is inviting requests to partner.

  • A brand-new News page, with search and filter functions to easily find Meyer Voices, Award Announcements, Meyer in the News and Grantee Stories

  • A simple way to find out what Meyer staff are saying by visiting the team pages

  • An intuitive timeline tool to make learning about Meyer’s history an interactive experience. Stay tuned as we apply the timeline to our initiatives and investments, to make catching up on those stories easier and more enjoyable! (launching soon!)

  • A cardstack feature that allows visitors to learn more and easily share content related to blog posts and grantee stories (launching soon!)

  • Gorgeous photography by Oregon photographers Fred Joe, Leah Nash and Meyer’s own Darion Jones, showcasing the work of our dedicated grantees and the faces of individuals determined to make Oregon a more equitable place.

  • An elegant calendar tool to keep visitors up to date on opportunities for grants from our four portfolios

Meyer worked with two local partners to design and build the new site, Smith & Connors for the visual design, user experience and front end development, and Metal Toad for the backend Drupal 8 integration. In future blog posts, we’ll write more about the process of building our new site, and our system engineer, Grant Kruger, will share the recipe of the website’s features.

For now, we hope you enjoy the experience, and we invite you to share feedback about the new site with us.