January 31, 2017

Sourcing talent with an equity goal

A couple of years ago, Meyer set out to make some changes that would ensure that our staff represented our commitment to equity. Although we have made progress, we’re careful to frequently assess how our processes can offer a value-added experience for the job applicant as well as for Meyer.

As I pause to reflect on the internal face of Meyer, I see diversity that extends from the north to the south ends of our office. We are often asked: How have we made positive strides? Or, what’s our secret sauce?

Our Secret Sauce

There’s no special recipe. Instead, we’ve applied practices that have worked for Meyer, and I’ll share four strategies.

  1. All team members are encouraged to share new job opportunities with their networks. Their referrals offer tremendous value, especially when they share firsthand the meaningful work that they do as well as what’s appealing about Meyer.

  2. We reach out to community partners and ask that they circulate our job opportunities within their circles, and we reciprocate that support.

  3. We post our employment opportunities on a number of job boards that provide us access to a diverse pool of candidates. Here are a few sites that you may consider:


Fee based (either per posting or an annual membership cost):

  1. We have also partnered with a professional search firm to assist us with attracting a broader pool of talent based upon internal resources and the role to be filled.

Toward the True Goal of an Inclusive Workplace

Dr. john a. powell, director of the Haas Institute at U.C. Berkeley, recently made a statement that resonated for me: You may have diversity in your organization, but if you’re not working toward a common goal, you won’t achieve the desired results.

I agree. If the goal of your diversity recruiting efforts is to beam proudly and say, “Look at all of the different looking faces in our organization,” then that’s the only goal you’ll achieve. You may have diverse demographics, but the question will remain: How will you leverage your organization's diversity through a true change that creates an inclusive work culture?

As an example, you might hire a talented candidate who reflects some form of diversity, but if your work culture doesn’t genuinely demonstrate a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere, then both the organization and the new hire will be unhappy. Although the steps toward securing a great hire may look good on paper, the investment of time and effort aren’t sustainable without the larger goal in sight.

If you would like to explore this topic further, please stay tuned for a webinar I’ll be hosting in March. Details to follow soon.

In the meantime, I wish you sustainable success!