March 20, 2017

ICYMI: Multnomah County offers incentives for homeowners to house homeless in backyards

Beth Nakamura | The Oregonian/OregonLive

Multnomah county’s new idea to fight homelessness idea: Build tiny houses in people's backyards and rent them out to families with children now living on the streets.

The Oregonian wrote about the four tiny houses scheduled to launch June 2017:

Once in the tiny houses, the families will plug into existing county services, including a mobile team that helps people stay in their homes after experiencing homelessness. That includes resolving disputes with landlords, helping manage unexpected expenses and job help.

A family of four costs $32,000 a year to house and help in a shelter. That same family could be supported in one of the pilot project's tiny houses for $15,000 a year during the five-year contract.

Meyer’s Affordable Housing Initiative contributed $175,000 towards this program because it aligns with the goals of Meyer’s Housing Opportunities portfolio.