Affordable Housing Initiative

Exploring innovation, supporting systems change and leveraging resources to meet the housing needs of Oregonians

AHI - Framework

  1. Foster innovation
  2. Secure the future

To build on previous investments to strengthen the long-term health and sustainability of Oregon’s existing affordable housing.

  • Preservation: Preserve federally subsidized rental units at risk of being lost
  • Rural housing: Preserve rural owner-occupied manufactured homes, and support manufactured home parks owned by cooperatives or nonprofits
  • Sustaining portfolios: Strengthen the long-term health and sustainability of Oregon’s existing affordable housing stock

To catalyze innovative strategies to increase the availability of affordable housing and support residents’ stability and success.

  • Cost efficiencies: Develop models for creating and preserving affordable units as cost effectively as possible over the units’ life span
  • Private market units: Expand low-income renters’ access to safe, decent, affordable housing through existing private market units
  • Systems alignment: Support the stability and success of affordable housing residents by fostering strategic coordination between housing and other service systems

To develop resources and policies that will expand the availability of affordable housing into the future.

  • Advocacy: Systems change and advocacy to increase the availability of affordable housing
  • Investment: Explore innovative and opportunistic use of PRI loans and other impact investing to spur the development and preservation of affordable housing in underserved areas

Opportunities to collaborate

2015 AHI - Cost Efficiencies Report

Meyer Memorial Trust convened a Cost Efficiencies Work Group in 2014 to explore factors driving the cost of affordable housing development.

Read the report

Affordable Housing Matters

Our Affordable Housing Initiative believes housing is the foundation for strong families, successful students and vibrant communities.

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