ICYMI: 3 Associate Directors to Take Over Tishman Center Following Head’s Departure

Work carries on in The Making Center at The New School.

Michelle J. DePass will take over as Meyer Memorial Trust's new president and chief executive officer on April 30. When she leaves The New School, where she has served as director of the Tishman Center for five years, a trio will step into her shoes.

The New School reports on the selection of three co-directors:

The three associate directors of the The New School’s Tishman Environment and Design Center will be promoted to co-director this spring when its current director steps down at the end of April.

Associate Directors Ana Baptista, Timo Rissanen and Brian McGrath will transition into the Center’s leadership position when current director Michelle DePass takes a new job as CEO of the Oregon-based nonprofit Meyer Memorial Trust.

“All three of us, me, Timo, and Brian, are really passionate about the environment and social justice,” Baptista said. “We all do it in different disciplines. Timo’s in fashion and Brian’s in design and urbanism, and I’m doing it more in the policy and advocacy world.”

A search is underway for a replacement for Michelle in another of her roles at The New School: Dean of the Milano School of International Affairs, Management and Urban Policy. Additionally, Michelle serves as Tishman Professor of Environmental Policy and Management.

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