Sharon Wade Ellis

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The present can become an epoch in which the dreams of the past for an enlightened and just democracy are turned into a reality.
Paul Davidoff

Housing embodies a sense of security for people. Sharon is driven by her desire to help marginalized individuals and families achieve stability through housing and to ensure communities of color are supported through her efforts. Both personally and professionally, her mission is fueled by the belief it is housing stability that offers individuals and families the foundation for upward mobility, giving them hope to dream big and become the best they can be.

Sharon is committed to creating substantive change by redefining the conversation around asset poverty and the intersectionality of housing, access and equity. Meyer’s commitment to equity, specifically CEO Doug Stamm’s transparency surrounding equity, drew her to Meyer.

“The historical role systemic barriers played and are still playing in preventing people of color and marginalized communities from achieving their American dream has strengthened my resolve to be a part of the solution. Meyer allows me to be an active participant in helping to respond to the communities that need help in dismantling these barriers.”

Prior to Meyer, Sharon dedicated her time to learning how each component of the housing development process can act as a catalyst for creating equitable outcomes for low-income people, families and communities through homeownership and affordable housing. She has been researching how cost efficiency in housing design can promote a paradigm shift in increasing homeownership rates among people of color. In looking at the nexus of energy efficient systems and housing affordability, Sharon has participated in trainings with the PHIUS Certified Passive House Consultant program and the National Development Council’s Housing Development Finance Professional Certification Program. She serves on the board of Neighborhood Economic Development Corporation (NEDCO) in Springfield and has also served on Habitat for Humanity’s board.

Sharon joined Meyer in September 2015 and completed her fellowship in November 2017