March 16, 2017

ICYMI: Final Housing Task force community meeting set for today

Photo credit: Brad Mosher

Tillamook County Housing Task Force recently completed a housing assessment to identify short-term solutions to address the extreme housing crisis in Tillamook County.

Here is a preview of what Erin Skaar, Executive Director of CARE, had to say:

Ask anyone in the county what the most critical issues facing the county are, and housing will be in the top three,” said Skaar.

Unscientific opinion polls last year showed that 80 percent of those answering the poll agreed – housing, especially affordable housing, is a serious problem in Tillamook County.

“What makes this such an important issue for Tillamook County is that it is not just low income housing that is not available, it is all types of housing,” Skaar said.

The Tillamook Headlight Herald dives deeper into the story and report here.