Sayer Jones

Former staff

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What we seek is some kind of compensation for what we put up with.
Haruki Murakami

Sayer’s plan was never to reach anywhere in particular but instead to escape where he began. Half a lifetime of running has gotten him to this place; the next half should be applied to using his station to help others with their escapes.

A lifelong Oregonian with a deep desire to keep moving the state forward, Sayer takes it personally that our state struggles to educate its children and we have so many users of public assistance for basic needs. Since joining Meyer, he has worked to use his background in finance and accounting to push the organization to use the tools of capitalism to create equitable outcomes for our state.

“I spent a few years at a CPA firm and still hold my license. Before that I worked at nonprofits, startup companies and large corporations. From that I learned that to fully apply myself to my work I needed to find a job where there were no owners and the fruits of my labor would result in better outcomes for Oregon.”

Sayer was a senior accountant at Moss Adams LLP, did an AmeriCorps assignment at Central City Concern and has volunteered at many not-for-profits around the Portland area. In other lives, he has been a finance director for a software company, worked graveyard shift at both Plaid Pantry and the DoubleTree hotel, gotten paid to get beat up at rodeos while a security guard, and served on maintenance crews in Ashland and Corpus Christi, Texas.

Sayer has been counting the numbers at Meyer since 2007.