Request for Proposals

Latinx/o/a Community Wealth Building Network 

Deadline: December 8, 2021


The Latino/a/x Community Wealth Building (LCWB) Network, supported by Meyer Memorial Trust, the Latino Partnership Program at the Oregon Community Foundation and Jaime Arredondo, a community trustee of the Collins Foundation, began convening in January 2019 with the goals to strengthen Latinx unity and deepen collective learning on four levers of wealth building – land and agriculture, small businesses, housing, and education. Together, funders and community leaders across sectors and regions engaged one another with deep humility as equal learners and collectively nurtured shared understandings of challenges and opportunities for community wealth building.

In its next phase of work, the LCWB will be expanding engagement of stakeholders, deepening the network's coordination, building a long-term community plan and collaborating on responsive collective efforts requiring dedicated capacity of a project team.

For further background information on the LCWB please review our recent report: From Survival to Stability and Freedom- Oregon LCWB Report & Recommendations

Under the guidance and direction of a Project Lead, the contracted project team will be responsible for the following functions related to the Latinx Collective Wealth Building Network:

● Staff the coordinated effort of the Latinx Collective Wealth Building Network (LCWB) and its growth.

● Develop a power map of current stakeholders, Latinx wealth building organizations and projects.

● Co-create a community engagement strategy to learn about community needs and opportunities with the Latinx Community Wealth Building Network and other stakeholders.

● Drive the coordination of the network’s activities and staff the co-creation of a long-term community-driven plan for holistic wealth building.

● Support the coordination of sub-committees for timely collective opportunities.

● Conduct on-going monitoring of public funding to help identify gaps and opportunities, as well as appropriate roles for private partners.

● Coordinate the necessary staffing capacity for network meetings and convening.

Roles sought in a Project Team: Facilitation, Strategy, Documentation and Project Management

The successful project team will have the following experience:

● Experience with and understanding of the aspirations, contributions and challenges of the Latinx community in Oregon

● Ability to be self-directed and work independently while also being a team player

● Skilled at facilitating collaborative decision making among project leadership and at centering the voices and experiences of those most affected

● Strong equity analysis, specifically around racial equity

● Excellent skills and experience in coordination and facilitation

● Experience with big picture process design and thought leadership and also willingness to engage at all levels of a project

● Clear communication – orally and in writing

● Ability to gather, synthesize and make actionable information from numerous sources

● Experience working in a continuous improvement process and an ability to develop on going feedback loops to inform strategy

● Excellent project management skills, including the creation and execution of project plans and timelines

● Extensive community engagement experience, including with and within communities of color and rural communities, aimed at empowering community-led problem solving

● Political savvy, diplomacy, ability to build trust with diverse stakeholders and constituents

● Policy acumen

● Preference for someone located in Oregon

Duration: 12 months

Contractor/s selection process:

Interested contractors should submit proposals via email to Jaime Arredondo, Executive Director, Capaces leadership Institute (jaime@capacesleadership) no later than December 8, 2021. Proposals should be brief (no more than 5 pages, excluding attachments) and should include the following:

● A brief overview of the contractor’s proposed project plan, including strategies and methods for conducting the work described above

● A brief overview of the contractor’s qualifications, including descriptions of similar projects

● A resume (not included in page limit)

● A list of at least three references for similar projects (not included in page limit)

● A budget (not included in page limit) not to exceed $120,000 for project team fees (additional resources will be designated by the LCWB for convening, participation and communication costs)

● Optional: examples of project plans and/or deliverables for similar projects (not included in page limit)