Portfolio Goal

Photo caption: During a Leadership Development + Learning Collaborative cohort convening, a Meyer grantee scribes their thoughts to the prompt "What motivates you to do this work?"

The Building Community portfolio supports organizations and collaboratives that:

  • actively demonstrate a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in their programs, services, operations and leadership;
  • listen to and remain accountable to the communities they serve; and
  • and can articulate how their work fits within broader efforts to address systems that perpetuate economic, political and other disparities

The Building Community portfolio will refine intended outcomes during this interim year, which is why none are listed on this page for the time being.

Portfolio goal: Civic engagement and systems change

By strengthening civic engagement and public participation in democratic processes, we can shift power and change inequitable policies, institutions and structures that deeply affect our most vulnerable communities. When people are able to see themselves as part of the solution, they work toward the common good and a community that's rooted in equity and justice.