ICYMI: Why Meyer Memorial Trust's 'breakthrough' investing year matters

Cambridge Associates, a national firm that tracks the performance of endowments and foundations, recently reported that last year Meyer Memorial Trust’s Investments portfolio generated a return rate that exceeded 25 percent — well ahead of the national average of 17.1 percent and the 432 organizations tracked by the firm.

Portland Business Journal recently interviewed Meyer’s Chief Investment Officer Rukaiyah Adams about the breakthrough year of investing:

As Meyer Memorial Trust's portfolio matures, Adams' investment philosophy to drive civic and social change is coming into view. Broadly, Adams looks to invest in ways that drive more equitable economic growth, such as water desalination technology and broadband access.

‘Imagine if we lived in a world where there was broadband access available to everyone in an affordable way and ed-tech tools that allowed millions of children today that are not educated to reach a level of literacy and education,’ said Adams. ‘That would ignite a level of economic growth, innovation, and vitality that the world has never seen.’

You can read the full Portland Business Journal article for free here: https://bizj.us/1q6g6x