ICYMI: Lomakatsi, NW Forest Worker Center earn grants

The Ashland Daily Tidings highlighted two nonprofit organizations, Lomakatsi Restoration Project and the Northwest Forest Worker Center, that recently received awards from Meyer for ecosystem restoration and forest work.

Here's what how the Daily Tidings described work the grants support: 

Jobs carried out by restoration workers (for Lomakatsi) include planting trees along streams and clear-cuts, pulling invasive weeds and thinning dense, fire-suppressed forests. Both organizations have worked to combat the abuse of forest workers and sub-standard working conditions.

The Northwest Forest Workers Center's Promotora Program employs women from the forest worker community in Medford to train forest workers in preventing on-the-job injuries and educate them about their rights. Lomakatsi's partnership with tribal communities as well as its 40-person technical and on-the-ground workforce has focused on forest worker training and building the range of skills of forest workers since Lomakatsi was founded.

You'll find the full story, including grant amounts here.