ICYMI: Foundations Bet It All on Advancing Equity

The Chronicle of Philanthropy devoted 2,060 words to an examination of Meyer's internal and programmatic redesign in September, 2016. 

Staff writer Rebecca Koenig quoted Doug Stamm, Elisa Harrigan, Cristina Watson and Candy Solovjovs in describing how Meyer made equity the cornerstone of what it is and how it supports Oregon's nonprofit sector, its leaders and its organizations. It's a great read, thoroughly reported. 

Here's what Candy had to say about the role of in philanthropy in supporting advocacy:

There’s debate in philanthropy about whether and how to support activists who demand dramatic shifts in public policy and government behavior. For Meyer, "policy and systems change" is "key to equity work," Ms. Solovjovs says; to that end, the foundation is looking to support community organizers and "working with emerging groups we have not worked with before."

The Chronicle of Philanthropy is behind a paywall, but for the closest look to date into what is driving Meyer's change, the full story is worth your time.