ICYMI: Chandra Robinson, LEVER Architecture

In July, Chandra Robinson was appointed to the Portland Design Commission to provide leadership and expertise on urban design projects and maintaining and enhancing Portland's historical and architectural heritage.

She spoke about her appointment in an interview with the Daily Journal of Commerce:

“Having a strong design commission is a big part of keeping Portland looking like Portland,” said Robinson, who began her tenure on the commission in July. “Serving on the commission is important to me because, as a local, I want to be part of Portland’s history and part of its future.

“As a new design commissioner, I am still finding my voice and style but I have found that so far I have been most excited talking about context and design coherency. My goal as a member of this commission is to advocate for quality design."

Chandra is a project director at LEVER Architecture and specializes in designing mass timber and institutional projects. She is the project director for Meyer’s future campus in North Portland. You can read more about Chandra here.