July 27, 2017

Helping students prepare for employment

Meyer’s Equitable Education portfolio recently commissioned a literature review highlighting 11 dimensions of educational equity. The purpose was to provide up-to-date information on issues that emerged as important in the statewide equitable education survey conducted by Meyer in 2016. Each of the 11 “chapters” is a resource to deepen educators’ and community based organizations’ grounding in the research-based insights on educational equity. Attached here is a virtual copy of the first chapter.

Through portfolio blogs and newsletters, readers will have an opportunity to examine a range of issues, from core issues that are in the foreground of efforts to advance educational equity such as the importance of educators of color in the classroom and effective parent engagement, to less obvious issues such as the promise of ethnic studies courses and the building of positive racial identity. Each chapter is a “deep dive” into the literature by a range of community practitioners and academics. Each author brings a passion to the field, and we are grateful for their commitment to educational equity. They have canvassed the academic and “grey” literature and drawn from at least 20 important studies, emphasizing research-based articles that provide solid evidence of how the issue is connected to student success. There is variation across the chapters based on the resources available in the field; each chapter is a response to the field as a whole and has unique sections.

We believe this is an important resource for advocates, educators and potential and current Meyer grantees. Meyer’s Equitable Education portfolio aims to promote the success of all Oregon’s students; we hope this series is a resource for the task.

— Matt