Creating Lasting Change: Insights from the Latine/x/a/o Community

Gathering during a pandemic, as a diaspora, as visionaries of an abundant future — in every and all ways — is revolutionary. There is power in coming together.

From August to October 2022, Latine/x/a/o community leaders across Oregon came together to envision the future for their community, provide candid feedback to inform Meyer’s developing work and grantmaking, and make a call to action for Meyer and philanthropy at large. I am excited to share this resulting report in english y en español as a witness to those conversations, which were part of a series of community engagement sessions hosted by Meyer.

The wisdom and foresight shared in these pages invite private and public funders to join in a reciprocal partnership with the Latine/x/a/o community and to take the bold action that is needed to address inequities in complex systems.

Representing the youngest ethnic community nationally and the largest in the state, participants brought their unique perspectives and challenges to these conversations. Yet, their framework for creating change is expansive and rooted in collective liberation, allowing room for creative tension. We invite you to experience this report as documentation of a community's dynamic imagination as they join in solidarity with the intent to hold each other and institutions accountable to a collective vision for the future.

Witnessing the individual and collective power summoned by these conversations left me feeling hopeful for what is possible as we, in philanthropy, lean into the community's lead.

In gratitude,

— Nancy