Housing Opportunities

Opening doors to opportunity and strengthening communities through safe and affordable housing

Housing is key to flourishing and equitable communities

When housing costs rise too high, households and families have to make brutally difficult choices between making the rent and paying for food, medicine, utilities, transportation or other basic necessities. A growing body of research shows that housing instability contributes directly to poor performance in school, difficulties getting and keeping a good job, and poor health outcomes.

High rents are far from the only urgent housing issue in the state. Achieving a truly flourishing and equitable Oregon will require us to overcome serious issues, including substandard housing conditions, unfair housing policy and unequal access to affordable housing, increasing the overall supply of affordable housing, and coordination with essential services.

Meyer is proud to support a strong network of nonprofit partners across the state addressing these issues. Our Housing Opportunities portfolio’s core goals (listed below) address housing development and preservation, housing support services and sector strengthening. We will continue to use targeted strategies to explore innovation, support systems change and leverage resources to meet the housing needs of Oregonians facing the greatest housing instability.

Core Goals

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  1. Support the housing stability + success of Oregonians living on low incomes
  2. Strengthen the housing sector by building capacity, diversity, equity and inclusion, and collaboration

Intended Outcomes

  • New Units: Increased number of affordable rental housing units
  • Preservation: Strengthened long-term physical and financial viability of existing affordable housing units

Intended Outcomes

  • Access: Increased access to available housing for Oregonians living on low incomes
  • Retention: Improved housing stability and retention for Oregonians living on low incomes
  • Advancement: Increased opportunities for Oregonians living on low incomes to build the resources and skills necessary to advance toward their housing goals
  • Mitigating Displacement: Increased opportunities for renters and homeowners affected by displacement to remain in their existing homes or communities

Intended Outcomes

  • Organizational Capacity: Strengthened skills and capacity of affordable housing organizations contribute to increased effectiveness, efficiency and long-term health
  • Network and Collaborative Capacity: Increased coordination and alignment among a broad range of organizations and systems that impact residents’ lives and lead to better outcomes
  • Equity Focus: Increased equity commitment among affordable housing organizations and improved understanding of how to advance diversity, equity and inclusion through their work

Types of Grants


For specific and discrete projects that are of high priority to an organization and its community or constituents

Capacity Building

To strengthen an organization’s ability and infrastructure to advance its mission


To support the purchase or construction of capital assets expected to have a long useful life

Operating Support

For an organization’s overall strategic goals

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