Housing Opportunities

Meyer invites proposals that further our goals of opening doors to opportunity and strengthening communities through safe, affordable housing.

Housing has long been one of Meyer’s highest priorities, because we recognize that all people need a home that is stable, safe and affordable.

Learn more about Meyer's commitment to ensuring housing opportunity for Oregonians

Types of Grants

Learn more about our grant types

Capacity Building

To strengthen an organization’s ability and infrastructure to advance its mission


To support the purchase or construction of capital assets expected to have a long useful life

Operating Support

For an organization’s overall strategic goals


For specific and discrete projects that are of high priority to an organization and its community or constituents

Learn about the Housing Opportunities portfolio's funding goals

Get in-depth details about our funding goals + intended outcomes

View a Google Doc of 2019 Housing Opportunities application questions

See 2019 AFO application questions for this portfolio

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