Healthy Environment

This portfolio invites proposals that further our goal of nurturing a resilient natural environment, while simultaneously supporting the well- being of Oregon’s diverse cultures and communities.

Meyer's environmental investments are grounded in the belief that a flourishing and equitable Oregon depends on healthy ecosystems and clean water and air for all. 

Learn more about our vision of a healthy and inclusive environment

Annual Funding Opportunity Process

  1. Follow up conversations
  2. Site visits and further review
  3. Final grant award decisions
  4. Funding awarded

Meyer's one-step application process for 2020 opens on March 16, with applications due Monday, April 13 at 5pm.

In early June, Meyer's program team will contact promising applications about next steps required for due diligence.

Beginning mid-June, portfolio teams will conduct site visits and any due diligence activities needed for grant award decisions.

Between July and November, Meyer's program team will make final decisions on funded projects.

From August to January, Meyer will release funding awards to grantees. 


*We recognize that the coronavirus crisis may hinder some organizations' ability to meet this deadline. If you would like to request flexibility, please email questions [at] by 5 pm on April 8, 2020, indicating which portfolio your organization plans to submit an application to and you will be connected with the appropriate Meyer staff member.

How to Apply

Meyer uses a one-step application process for our annual funding opportunity. Applications are welcome from any eligible organization seeking to advance one of the portfolio’s goals.

Applicants should:

Create or update their profile in GrantIS, Meyer’s online application portal. The activation process can take several days, so please be sure to set up your account well in advance of the application deadline.

New GrantIS users, please visit: to create an account.

Applicants with existing GrantIS accounts, please visit and check that your organization’s information (e.g., mailing address, Board members, etc.) is up to date.

Submit their grant application no later than 5 p.m. on Monday, April 13.  


Types of Grants

Learn more about our grant types

Capacity Building

To strengthen an organization’s ability and infrastructure to advance its mission

Operating Support

For an organization’s overall strategic goals


For specific and discrete projects that are of high priority to an organization and its community or constituents

Technical Assistance

Short-term interventions by an outside consultant

Applicant Resources