Healthy Environment

Nurturing a resilient natural environment, while supporting the well-being of Oregon’s diverse cultures and communities

Healthy environment, vibrant future

Our environmental investments are grounded in the belief that a flourishing and equitable Oregon depends on healthy ecosystems and clean water and air for all. Through the Healthy Environment portfolio, we work toward this in two ways: a Statewide Program that aims to build an inclusive environmental movement and engages and supports nonprofits working on a range of place-based and statewide efforts to protect and improve the environment, and the Willamette River Initiative, a 10-year commitment by Meyer to improve the health of the watershed that more than two-thirds of Oregonians call home. 

Statewide Program

The Statewide Program works to protect and improve the health and resiliency of Oregon’s natural environment while addressing the systems and structures in our communities that create unfair advantages for some groups and disadvantages for others in their access to a healthy environment. We prioritize efforts that aim to undo the extractive, transactional and damaging relationships we have with the planet and each other to advance new and proven approaches at all levels — organizational, local, regional and state — that are based on values of justice, cooperation, ecological sustainability and equity. This means changing policies, relationships, roles and practices in institutions and systems — large and small — that shape culture, politics, the economy, how we manage natural resources and more.

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Willamette River Initiative

Building partnerships for a healthier Willamette River

WRI is a 10-year commitment to improve river health along the 187-mile Willamette and its tributaries. We envision a river system that supports healthy ecosystems and vibrant communities.



Willamette River Initiative is transitioning. WRI's grantmaking ended in March 2019 and the initiative is building a community-led Willamette River Network to sustain momentum and support for a healthy Willamette River system into the future.

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Recent Awards

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Willamette River Initiative

Explore our initiative to improve the health of the Willamette River and its tributaries


Statewide Program Goals

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  1. Ensure that natural systems are healthy and able to adapt to changing conditions + long-term impacts
  2. Support a movement for a healthy environment that is effective + relevant for all of Oregon's diverse communities

Intended Outcomes
  • Community Influence: Increased emphasis on the priorities of communities experiencing disparities to shift and broaden perspectives and reform existing systems and institutions
  • Increased Opportunities: Increased opportunities for communities experiencing disparities to benefit from nature and investments in environmental protection
  • Reduced Burdens: Reduced environmental health burdens on communities experiencing disparities
  • Organizational Capacity: Strengthened long-term health and capacity of key organizations, collaboratives and networks

Intended Outcomes

Ecological Health: Expanded use of new, promising and proven strategies for protecting or restoring ecosystems and critical natural resources to ensure their long-term health
Policy and Systems: Adoption and implementation of public policies, public investments and institutional practices that support healthy ecosystems and natural resources
Organizational Capacity: Strengthened long-term health and capacity of key organizations, collaboratives and networks

Intended Outcomes

Equity Focus: Increased commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion among organizations working for a healthy environment and improved understanding of how to advance equity through their work
Collaboration: Increased collaboration and sector alignment that engages diverse constituencies toward shared environmental priorities
Narrative Change: Increased emphasis on the concerns and interests of diverse communities in the public discourse related to a healthy environment

Applicant Resources

Types of Grants

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  • For specific and discrete projects that are of high priority to an organization and its community or constituents

Capacity Building

  • To strengthen an organization’s ability and infrastructure to advance its mission

Operating Support

  • For an organization’s overall strategic goals