Equitable Education

Eliminating predictable gaps in public education by ensuring increased opportunity for priority students

Meyer’s priorities around education

In a flourishing and equitable Oregon, each of our nearly 600,000 students have the opportunity to succeed in school. They enter ready to learn, develop a love of learning in a relevant, engaging and supportive environment and graduate with a plan for postsecondary and career success.

Through the Equitable Education portfolio, Meyer contributes to this vision by investing in strategies designed to eliminate the predictable gaps in the public K-12 system. We seek to balance our investments between the urgent needs of students today (direct service) and the system that must prepare itself to meet the needs of students tomorrow (policy- and systems-level change). Learn more about our vision for equitable education

Equitable Education portfolio Information Session

What our 2021 portfolio-specific virtual information session

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Goals + Outcomes

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  1. Improve priority student achievement and college and career readiness

Intended Outcomes

Policy- and systems-level change: Through changes in public policy, systems and institutional practices, eliminate disparities for priority students at key education benchmarks

Organizational capacity: Increase impact and long-term sustainability by strengthening the effectiveness of organizations advancing community-driven solutions

Collaborative capacity: Increase coordination and alignment between education institutions and community-based organizations to eliminate persistent barriers for priority students 

Community influence: Increase community participation in civic, education and policy systems

Educator diversity: Grow strategies to increase and retain educator workforce diversity

Intended Outcomes

Student Achievement: Improve priority student achievement at key education benchmarks: 

  • Kindergarten readiness 
  • Third grade reading
  • Ninth grade on-track
  • High school graduation and college/career readiness
  • K-12 attendance

Types of Grants

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