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Community vitality through shared responsibility

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Oregon is made vibrant by the strength and beauty of its many cultures. When people are part of inclusive and supportive communities — when we can all see and start down promising paths, when we can influence decisions and policies that affect us, and when we have safe spaces to connect with others and express our shared humanity — we can truly thrive. And everyone benefits.

This is why the Building Community portfolio focuses on work that addresses social, political, economic and other injustices. By partnering with organizations, networks and collaboratives — and investing in their ability to engage communities, address disparities, enact policy and embrace equity and inclusion — the Building Community portfolio aims to strengthen the nonprofit sector's capacity for deep and sustainable change that benefits all Oregonians.

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Why Community?

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Funding Goals

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  1. Strong nonprofit leaders and organizations
  2. Civic engagement and systems change

Meaningful connections within and between communities can be achieved with a base of trust and understanding. By advancing DEI, working across differences and building a greater sense of belonging, we increase opportunities to develop a shared sense of responsibility and voice for our common good. In some cases, this may mean identifying and removing barriers that keep people who have been historically marginalized from being heard or served. In other cases, it might mean providing communities time and space for healing or creating connections through artistic or cultural expression, building appreciation for the differences that enrich our communities.

Nonprofits, their leaders and their networks play a crucial role in all parts of our state. They address our most pressing needs, provide opportunities for community involvement and civic engagement, and contribute significantly to the workforce and economy. Through a range of investments, we seek to strengthen the health of organizations and collaboratives that are committed to advancing DEI. Meyer also aims to create an infrastructure of support for the sector by investing in nonprofit technical assistance providers and leadership development.

By strengthening civic engagement and public participation in democratic processes, we can shift power and change inequitable policies, institutions and structures that deeply affect our most vulnerable communities. When people are able to see themselves as part of the solution, they work toward the common good and a community that's rooted in equity and justice.

Types of Grants

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For specific and discrete projects that are of high priority to an organization and its community or constituents

Capacity Building

To strengthen an organization’s ability and infrastructure to advance its mission

Operating Support

For an organization’s overall strategic goals