Building Community

Strengthening individuals, organizations and communities to support equitable outcomes for all

Meyer’s investments in community  

Oregon is a place made vibrant by the strength and beauty of its many cultures. When people are part of inclusive and supportive communities — when they can see promising paths for themselves, when they can influence decisions and policies that affect them, and when they have safe spaces to connect with others and express their shared humanity — they can truly thrive. And we all benefit.

This is why the Building Community portfolio focuses on supporting work that addresses social, political, economic and other injustices. Specifically, we seek to invest in people striving to change systems and improve conditions for communities that have been — and still are — unseen, displaced or discriminated against: communities of color, indigenous people and tribes, immigrants and refugees, people living in poverty, LGBTQ+ communities, people with disabilities, elderly people, women and girls, and survivors of crime and abuse. We are especially interested in partnering with organizations that recognize the different ways in which issues of inequity show up in their work and communities and are actively engaged in addressing resulting disparities.

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Why Community?

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Goals + Outcomes

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  1. Strong nonprofit leaders and organizations
  2. Civic engagement and systems change

Intended Outcomes
  • Changed Conditions: Improved well-being for historically and currently marginalized populations
  • Community Connection: Strengthened connections of individuals and communities to each other and their own stories or histories, and increased collective responsibility for advancing the common good
  • Raised Voices: Amplification of underrepresented voices in order to shift and broaden perspectives and influence 

Intended Outcomes
  • Organizational Capacity: Strengthened long-term health and capacity of organizations, intermediaries and collaborations that advance equitable outcomes
  • Operationalized Equity: Sustained focus on and analysis of equity that is integrated into organizational policies, procedures and leadership
  • Organizational Accountability: Improved mechanisms that strengthen accountability of organizations and their leaders to their communities
  • Networked Sector: Expanded use of effective practices and innovative strategies to support collaborative efforts and maintain networks that promote equity

Intended Outcomes
  • Policy and Systems Change: Increased equitable opportunities and reduced disparities through changes in public policy, systems and institutional practices
  • Collective Action: Increased joint efforts by organizations to leverage the collective voices of their constituents in service of creating stronger communities and movements
  • Community Influence: Increased engagement and support of diverse community leaders who advance justice and challenge existing systems 
  • Innovation: Identification and expanded use of innovative strategies that strengthen civic engagement and democratic participation, and explore effective ways of closing disparities

Types of Grants

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For specific and discrete projects that are of high priority to an organization and its community or constituents

Capacity Building

To strengthen an organization’s ability and infrastructure to advance its mission


To support the purchase or construction of capital assets expected to have a long useful life

Operating Support

For an organization’s overall strategic goals

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