Who We Fund

Note: Beginning in 2022, Meyer will transition away from the Annual Funding Opportunity as its primary vehicle for grantmaking. We will update this page and share more information with grantees and partners in the coming days and weeks.


We see our role as working to dismantle barriers to equity and improve conditions so that all Oregonians can reach their full potential. That means we intend to focus on areas where we feel Meyer has the best opportunity to make a real impact for Oregon.

Meyer funds work that strongly aligns with our four portfolios’ priorities and strategies. Proposals to support work that falls outside these priorities will not be successful.

We seek to partner with organizations that:

  • Share our goals and vision for change;
  • Are committed to equity, diversity and inclusion in their organizations and partnerships;
  • Have a track record of effective work directly related to our funding priorities or have identified such work as a strategic and mission-aligned priority over the grant period;
  • Collaborate with other organizations in their community, within the same sector and/or across sectors;
  • Recognize the intersection between their organization’s work and broader policies and systems;
  • Have effective leadership that engages a base of community support;
  • Demonstrate the administrative capacity, financial plan and organizational commitment to implement their proposed project;
  • Are committed to understanding and evaluating the impact and effectiveness of their work.


In addition, we prioritize funding for projects that: 
  • Offer the strongest opportunities for us to further our vision and goals;

  • Address disparities and increase equity for historically under-resourced communities;

  • Represent innovative and systemic approaches to addressing the root causes of problems;
  • Will have a lasting impact by changing policies, systems and institutional practices or by building sector strength and community capacity;
  • Are based on thoughtful planning and research, including constituent involvement in defining the problem and solutions and analysis of relevant data and planning documents;
  • Leverage additional financial and in-kind resources including partnerships and community support.


Applicants must:

  • Fall into one of these categories: a nonprofit agency recognized as tax-exempt by the Internal Revenue Service, a public educational institution, a government or recognized tribal agency, or an organization that is requesting funding for a project that has a charitable, tax-exempt purpose;
  • Seek funding for work that takes place within the state of Oregon;
  • Provide equal opportunity in leadership, staffing and service regardless of age, gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, national origin, political affiliation or religious belief;
  • Not require attendance at or participation in religious/faith activities as a condition of service delivery nor require adherence to religious/faith beliefs as a condition of service or employment.


We are unable to fund:

  • Work that does not have a significant impact in Oregon
  • Direct grants, scholarships or loans to individuals
  • Endowments
  • General fund drives, annual appeals, special events or, except in rare cases, conference sponsorships
  • Program Related Investments (loans and guarantees) to a specific project*
  • Elimination of operating deficits
  • Medical research
  • Animal welfare
  • Hospital capital construction
  • Projects/organizations that do not meet our nondiscrimination policy
  • Earmarks for purposes of influencing legislation
  • Any expenditures that would violate Meyer’s, or a grantee’s, tax-exempt status


*Meyer focuses on making PRIs to intermediaries and for purposes supporting our Housing Opportunities and Healthy Environment portfolios.