Taryn Sauer

Communications Associate

she/ they
taryn [at] mmt.org

Hear me say my name

Taryn believes joy and belonging are essential parts of championing connections and community. As a biracial Chicana, she embraces the tension that exists in often conflicting realities by building bridges and cultivating authentic relationships.

At Meyer, Taryn gathers stories for the monthly e-newsletter and crafts messaging for social media. They hope to create strong partnerships with storytellers throughout Oregon to amplify narratives rooted in racial justice.

Before becoming a Meyerista, her freelance writing landed her a job at Habitat for Humanity Portland Region where she had the privilege of connecting with housing advocates, nonprofit leaders and folks from across the housing spectrum. The stories they collaborated on highlighted the importance of co-creating interdependent communities.

When they’re not writing, you can find them nerding out on books with fellow LAB members or putting their own spin on family recipes.

Taryn joined Meyer in April 2022.