Stacy Westly

Executive Assistant, Investments

stacy [at]

Hear me say my name

Stacy believes in the interconnectedness of all things. Everything we do (or don’t do) affects something or someone else. Having a strong moral compass, a keen interest in learning and support from her colleagues, friends and family dictates how she moves through life. Stacy is honored to share this value with her colleagues and Meyer as a whole.

After beginning as a temp, Stacy was hired on as the executive assistant to the then Chief Investment Officer. After so many years in the corporate world, she said it was a pleasure to come to an organization with a strong mission. Her role is best described as the conductor, keeping the trains running on time. Every aspect of the investment side of Meyer’s business flows through her hands. She enjoys being able to provide a steady hand to the team.

Before Meyer, Stacy spent 13 years as a legal assistant and paralegal, specializing in employment law. For a complete change of scenery, she started her own business as a massage therapist catering to the entertainment industry in Los Angeles. She once spent six weeks in Italy as a massage therapist on the set of Under the Tuscan Sun. After nine years, Stacy returned to the corporate world for a 12-year stint as an executive assistant to a Chief Investment Officer of a private real estate investment firm.

A highlight of her dynamic professional journey was the unique opportunity to work with a wolf rescue. For a decade, she provided guided tours, attended fundraising events, created marketing materials and sold her photographs of the wolves for the benefit of the rescue. She cherishes the memory of presenting Chaske Spencer, who played Sam in the Twilight saga, with a framed photograph of the wolf used to create his CGI werewolf counterpart.

After 30 years in Southern California, Stacy and her husband packed their bags and moved to Portland, Oregon. Originally from Minnesota, they desired to return to a smaller and more intimate town. Turns out, the decision was a good one.

On her off hours, Stacy enjoys music of all genres, reading, photography and taking long drives to enjoy Oregon’s beautiful landscape. An avid learner, she is currently devouring all geology lectures by Professor Nick Zentner of Central Washington University.

Stacy joined Meyer as a temp in February 2019 and as a full-time employee in February 2020.