Molly Gray

Program Associate, Strategic Initiatives

molly [at]

Hopefulness empowers us to continue our work for justice even as the forces of injustice may gain greater power for a time.
bell hooks

Molly has moved around the nonprofit landscape in the NW for over a decade in pursuit of her "social justice sweet spot."

Molly’s first experience in grantmaking was with the Social Justice Fund NW’s Portland area Giving Project. Since then they have continued looking for ways to help move funds out into the community.

They have facilitated nonprofit partnerships at the Oregon Public House, participated as a Fellow in Portland’s ninety-nine girlfriends giving circle and most recently worked as a Grants Specialist at the Regional Arts and Culture Council.

“It is important for me to remember that there was a time before the current systems which create and perpetuate harm and inequities, and I am driven by the knowledge that there will be a time after them.

I am honored to provide technical and administrative support for Meyer’s amazing grantee partners who are doing the work every day to move us towards collective liberation.”

In addition to grantmaking, Molly was the Program Director for Portland’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Camp for Girls from 2012-2015, served on the board of the Northeast Portland Tool Library for five years and built a tiny house.

In 2020 Molly completed their MBA with a concentration in Nonprofit Management at the University of Portland.

Molly joined Meyer in December 2022