Gayle Mumma

Executive Assistant

She / Her
gayle [at]

Ability is of little account without opportunity.
Lucille Ball

Gayle is driven by her belief in the good of humanity, which can be seen in nonprofits and the valuable services they provide.

Gayle has always wanted to work for a nonprofit and even considered the Peace Corps after college graduation, but the corporate world was where she found employment. There she remained until a former manager came to work at Meyer and asked her to come onboard, too.

“I feel fortunate to work at Meyer, where equity is a priority and is allowed to be a contributing factor in decisions. It’s gratifying to be part of an organization that really wants to make life better for the communities it supports and will put strategies in place to help a flourishing and equitable Oregon become a reality.”

Her experience includes support administration in a number of companies ranging from an HMO to national retail merchandising to a national insurance company. In her private life, Gayle organized fundraisers for food banks and volunteered in a free clothing and gift center and in food banks.

Gayle joined Meyer in 2015.