Erin Dysart

Managing Director of Strategic Initiatives

erin [at]

Giving back’ is necessary but not sufficient. We should seek to bring about lasting, systemic change, even if that change might adversely affect us. We must bend each act of generosity toward justice.
Darren Walker

Erin is driven by the belief that we can do better for each other, and she feels a deep responsibility to use the privileges she has experienced in service of others.

Erin previously worked with adjudicated youths before pivoting to international education, where the focus was on making human connections across cultures in order to help break down the “otherness” that can be a precursor to many forms of oppression and violence.

“I am drawn to philanthropy and to Meyer by the opportunity to work on systemically addressing issues of social justice. I am humbled and thrilled by the opportunity to learn from my colleagues and, most of all, from our partners in the field.”

Prior to joining Meyer, Erin helped administer the U.S. State Department’s Fulbright Scholar Program at the Institute of International Education and managed scholarship programs at AFS Intercultural Programs. Most recently, while living overseas and taking a parenting break from work, Erin volunteered with the Fund for Education Abroad, a program that strives to make study abroad more accessible for underrepresented groups.

Erin served as Chautauqua Scholar with Oregon Humanities for three years and is an AmeriCorps NCCC alumna.

Erin joined the Meyer team in 2016.