Debbie Craig

Former trustee

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Heroes are not giant statues framed against a red sky. They are the people who say, ‘This is my community, and it’s my responsibility to make it better.
Gov. Tom McCall

Debbie Craig is driven by a passion for public education and the outdoors.

Oregonian roots provided an excellent public education and access to amazing outdoor experiences.

“Good public schooling for all our kids and public parks for all our citizens are our most equalizing, cross-cultural gathering places. All kinds of people benefit, since they are free and available to all of us. Our schools and parks are essential.”

A family law attorney, Debbie has served as chair or on the boards of Friends of the Columbia Gorge, Education Foundation, Stand for Children, Columbia Land Trust and National Advisory Council of the Land Trust Alliance. She has also successfully lead many education bond measures. She was recognized as Lake Oswego’s Citizen of the Year in 2013.

Debbie joined Meyer’s Board of Trustees in 1995, taking its helm in 2014.