Corey Smitke

Senior Grants and Data Associate

corey [at]

Imaginations shared create collaboration, and collaboration creates community, and community inspires social change.
Terry Tempest Williams

Corey is driven by a passion for helping others navigate the world of grant funding. She is excited to be able to draw on her experiences as a grant recipient to help organizations collaborate with Meyer and to positively impact our community.

Corey was born and raised in Portland and feels a strong connection to the community and the landscape of Oregon. She discovered her love of grant administration while managing grants and coordinating public art initiatives for a soft-funded arts space within the University of Oregon in Portland, where she experienced firsthand both the positive impact and the pressures of pursuing and managing grant funding in the Oregon nonprofit ecosystem. These experiences inspired her to pursue a graduate certificate in nonprofit and public management from PSU, and to seek professional opportunities to build her understanding of managing public and private grant funding.

“Through my work at Meyer, I feel so lucky to be able to engage with, learn from and support organizations that are tackling inequities and disparities in Oregon.” 

Before joining Meyer, Corey worked in PSU’s office of Sponsored Projects Administration, where she oversaw a team of grant administration staff and supported the grants process from proposal development to award closeout, with an emphasis on award negotiation, financial management, policy and training.

Corey joined Meyer in September 2021.