Amanda Riley

Finance and Grants Accountant

she / her
amanda [at]

The best way to resist a monolithic institution or corporation is not with a monolithic movement but with multiplicity itself.
Rebecca Solnit

Amanda is driven by a desire to collaborate with others to do more good than she could do alone.

A working-class upbringing often meant balancing generosity with financial security. Amanda’s grandmother—who always had something to give whether it be a painted rock or a stick of gum—taught her that giving could be mutual aid, rather than a zero-sum game. Inspired by a desire to contribute to her community and local nonprofits, Amanda utilizes her talents to support Meyer’s day-to-day accounting and financial activities and the flow of operations that bolster its vision of achieving a flourishing and equitable Oregon.

“I have hope, but we need collective action. I am here to practice putting one foot in front of the other.”

Before joining Meyer, Amanda worked at the Pixie Project in Northeast Portland and as a Accounts Payable Specialist at the Regional Arts & Culture Council, where she had the opportunity to deepen her awareness of social justice and support internal projects operationalizing a racial equity lens within the organization.

Amanda joined Meyer’s in January 2020.