The deadlines for Meyer's Spring 2016 Funding Opportunities have passed. Learn more HERE.

Together, we can create a powerful and lasting impact on our state.

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Grounded in a vision of a flourishing and equitable Oregon, Meyer is committed to investing in change at the systemic level to ease inequities and disparities.

We work in the entrepreneurial tradition of Fred Meyer: collaborative, enterprising, service-driven, humble and innovative.

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My organization currently has an active grant with Meyer. Am I eligible to apply for 2016 funding opportunities?


How do I submit an application?

On April 4th, we began accepting Inquiry Applications through Meyer’s GrantIS application portal. Set up an account here. Or you may log in here.

I have a question. What is the best way to contact staff?

Please send your query to or call us at 503.228.5512.

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