2017 Full Proposal Questions + GrantIS Instructions

On March 15, Meyer will begin accepting Inquiry Applications through the GrantIS application portal. Submitting an Inquiry Application is the first step in our funding process.

The information below is a preview of the online Full Proposal Application process and questions. These are the questions you will be asked if your organization is invited to submit a Full Proposal. (This Word document is intended as a helpful worksheet before the forms are available online.)

If you have any difficulty using or logging into GrantIS, please call 503-228-5512 and ask for the grant operations department or send an email to grantops [at] mmt.org. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

>> Download the full proposal questions below as a Word document


The Housing Opportunities full proposal application will request the following information:

Please select the support type you are requesting so that we may direct you to the proper questions.

  • Capacity Building Support
  • Capital Construction Support 
  • Operating Support 
  • Project Support


Are you applying on behalf of an eligible Collaborative? check yes/no

  • If yes, please upload a copy of the Memoranda of Agreement (MOA) or letters of commitment from each of your partners on the supplemental materials page. 
  • If your agreement/letters of commitment do not address any of the following elements, please respond below. If this information is in your MOA, please write "See MOA."
  • Who has committed to participate in the collaborative?
  • What are the partners’ roles and responsibilities, including any resources (funding, staff, etc.) each are committing to the proposed project? 
  • What other important partners will you engage? Please be sure to identify key public partners important to the success of the project.
  • What organization leads/coordinates the collaborative and why? 
  • Briefly describe how decisions are made by the collaborative.
  • Briefly describe how the involvement of each partner will contribute to the success of the project and how will they benefit from involvement in the project? 
  • Briefly describe up to three key successes of the collaborative to date.



In your inquiry application, you briefly explained the problem/opportunity you aim to address, your approach to doing so, and the results you aim to achieve. If any external circumstances have since shifted in a way that significantly impacts the work you proposed, please contact Meyer before continuing.

Please share more about your strategies and key activities, including those designed to specifically serve/benefit the populations identified in your Inquiry application. If your proposal directly relates to any key state or local plans/policy efforts, please be sure to explain. 


Depending on the type of funding you request, you will also be asked for the following information:

Capacity Building Support Request

If this is a fundraising capacity building project, please describe how you arrived at revenue goals, and why you consider the proposed fundraising strategies to be the best way to achieve those goals.


Capital Construction Support Request

Describe the feasibility planning work that was done prior to undertaking the capital project.

Please upload an operating pro forma in the Supplementary Materials section of this application. Please note important assumptions underlying the pro forma below.

What is your goal on this project for MWESB (Minority, Women, Emerging Small Business) participation?


All applicants will see the following:

Impact and Outcomes

The following questions ask about the outcomes you expect from your proposed project and how you will measure progress. Please note that if your request is funded, this information will be incorporated into your grant agreement and reporting requirements.


1. Meyer’s goals and outcomes

a. Which of the Housing Opportunities Portfolio goals did you identify in your Inquiry Application as most closely aligned with your request? (drop down menu)

b. Which Housing Opportunities Portfolio outcome(s) did you select in your Inquiry Application as most relevant to your request – choose up to two (drop down menu)


2. Applicant’s outcomes 

a. List 1 to 3 key project-specific outcomes (i.e. changes in the world or end results) that will occur by the end of the grant as a result of your work and will contribute to advancing the Housing Opportunities Portfolio outcome(s) that you selected in question 1b. 

b. What measurement will you use to determine if you have achieved each of these project-specific outcomes?


3. Applicant’s benchmarks of progress during the grant period

a. What are 2 to 4 key benchmarks that will demonstrate that you are on track towards achieving the project-specific outcomes identified in question 2a? (If this is a multi-year request, you can include up to 2 benchmarks per year.)

b. What measurement will you use to determine if you have reached each benchmark?


Meyer believes that striving for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is a perpetual process, and we seek to partner with organizations that are committed to continual growth in this area regardless of where they may be now. During the proposed grant period, what is one strategy your organization would like to use to move its DEI work further along? (If you have addressed this elsewhere in your proposal because DEI is the focus of your request, you may simply indicate that here without repeating what you've already shared.) You are welcome to refer to Meyer's DEI Spectrum Tool or this list of equity strategy examples for some ideas.


Key Personnel

Applicants who request Capital Construction support will see this question:
List the key members of your construction team and briefly describe their qualifications and experience in developing and operating similar projects.

Applicants who request any type of support except for Capital Construction support will see this question:
Describe the roles and qualifications of up to three people with primary responsibility for implementing the work. Please note how long each person has been with the organization.

All applicants EXCEPT OPERATING will see the following questions:
If any new positions will be hired to carry out this project, please describe the roles and qualifications and/or attach draft job descriptions.

If your plans include use of consultants, please identify if and how they were identified.


Proposed Budget 

  • Total Project Cost:
  • Amount Requested From Meyer:

If any significant changes have been made to the budget since you submitted your Inquiry Application to Meyer, please contact us.

  • Briefly describe specifically how Meyer funds would be used.
  • Operating only: Upload organizational budget projections for all fiscal years falling within the project period (revenue and expenditures)
  • Does any portion of your proposal budget include lobbying? If yes, then what percentage of the proposal budget includes specific lobbying expenses?


Impact on the Organization

Please help us understand the impact this project will have on your organization by sharing how the following will be different before and after your project. If your work will not impact an area listed below, please write “Not applicable.”

  • Organization size, FTE, structure.
  • Organization's operating expenses.
  • Organization's ability to generate income.


If this work will continue after Meyer support ends, how are you planning to sustain it?

If this project includes adding a new staff position that will be maintained after the grant period ends, please outline the specific revenue streams you plan to grow during the grant period and your strategy(s) for revenue growth.


Supplementary Materials

In addition to submitting your proposal electronically on the next page, please also provide the following supplementary material:

  • Your organization's current board-approved annual operating budget;
  • Your two most recent year-end financial statements. (Please provide audited statements, if available. If you do not have audited financial statements, please explain in the “Comments” text box at the bottom of this screen.);
  • Most recent monthly financial statements (balance sheet and income & expense/P&L);
  • An executive summary of your organization's current strategic plan, if available;
  • If your organization has a formal organizational diversity, equity and inclusion plan or statement, please upload it. If your organization does not have a formal plan, please upload a description of how your organization will move diversity, equity and inclusion forward during the grant period; and
  • Up to two other brief supplemental materials, if they are critical to assist our program staff in understanding your request.

Please do not include letters of general support.


Supplemental Materials for Collaborative Proposal

Please upload Memoranda of Agreement or partner commitment letters.


Supplemental Materials for Capital Construction Projects

Upload a draft operating pro forma, including any important assumptions underlying the pro forma.


Supplemental Materials for Operating Support Requests

Upload organizational budget projections for all fiscal years falling within the project period (revenue and expenditures).

Please provide the above materials by submitting them electronically using the upload form below. If you are unable to supply materials in an electronic format, please contact us at grantops [at] mmt.org