Robust application response speaks to great need in Oregon

When Meyer released our much-anticipated 2016 Spring Funding Opportunities a few months ago, we weren’t sure what the interest and response would be.

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More Funding Opportunities in 2016

The deadlines for our Spring 2016 funding opportunities have past. But there are still future funding opportunities in 2016.

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Thinking about submitting a collaborative proposal?

Since announcing the 2016 Funding Opportunities in March, we have had many great conversations with organizations from across the state. We’ve heard compelling ideas, learned about fabulous work and gained new insights about communities in all corners of our state.

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Get the information you need to apply

The Building Community portfolio, along with two other Meyer portfolios, recently announced funding opportunities to help Oregon’s communities increase their collective capacity to improve conditions for communities of color, Oregonians living on low incomes and other historically marginalized populations.

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Spring Funding Opportunities

On March 9, Meyer will announce Spring funding opportunities for our grants focusing on building community, supporting a healthy environment and ensuring housing opportunities.

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Dahnesh Medora named Building Community Portfolio Director

It’s a pleasure to share the good news that Dahnesh Medora is Meyer’s new Building Community Portfolio Director.

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Redesign Based on Listening

This summer, we asked nonprofit leaders around Oregon to tell us what they needed from Meyer. More than 1,000 of you responded, helping shape our new priorities.

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