Meyer’s Working Hiatus Ends in March

For months, Meyer Memorial Trust has been working on the design of our new operating framework.

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Using Our Logo

About our logo Meyer’s color palette is inspired by Oregon’s natural surroundings: The colors represent the blue of our waterways and broad skies and the green of our forests. This 3-color vertical logo is the preferred logo to use to represent Meyer externally in trust-wide communications, such as on our checks, on our RFPs, regardless […]


December 2015 Awards Announced

More than two-thirds of Meyer’s December grants focused on Human Services in December 2015.


Solutions-oriented Conversations About Poverty

Poverty is a familiar bedfellow in Oregon. Statistics tell the alarming trend. Theater helps shift the numbers into dialogue.

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Imagining the Future in a Building with a Sordid Past

Living Cully’s efforts to purchase the Sugar Shack aim to ensure that Cully residents can stay and rise with the neighborhood at a moment when gentrification is displacing low-income residents priced out of urban communities around Oregon.

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Protecting Oregon’s waterways, mobilizing Oregonians

For nearly 30 years, Pacific Rivers has been a key player in protecting and maintaining healthy rivers and watersheds in Oregon.

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Meet Meyer’s New Trustees

This week, Meyer welcomed two new trustees, Toya Fick and the Hon. Darleen Ortega, something that has only happened six times since the doors of the Meyer Memorial Trust opened 33 years ago. 


7 Questions for Two Departing Meyer Staffers

There are many reasons why 2015 will go down in the record books at Meyer Memorial Trust:


Unlocking an Ecosystem of Pacific Northwest Investing

In a rainforest, shafts of sunlight pierce through the topmost layer, illuminating the darkness below and sparking new growth. Seattle-based Canopy borrows its name from this notion of spotlighting new growth, focusing on regional investment.


The Changing Willamette River

We swim in it and fish it, paddle on it and picnic beside it.

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