Is Meyer a good fit for your project?

I was once a grantwriter and nothing brought on the dread quicker than to read that a foundation was looking to fund proposals and organizations that “aligned” with its mission, goals and strategies.

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Announcing the Equity Illustrated finalists

We’re pleased to announce that we have selected finalists for the Equity Illustrated design contest. Entries came from Southern Oregon through Central Oregon and around the Portland Metro region, from artists aged 10-63, and in mediums as varied as pencil, photography and computer animation.

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Thinking about submitting a collaborative proposal?

Since announcing the 2016 Funding Opportunities in March, we have had many great conversations with organizations from across the state. We’ve heard compelling ideas, learned about fabulous work and gained new insights about communities in all corners of our state.

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10 minutes to help Meyer invest in equitable education in Oregon

Since arriving in January, I’ve been focused on developing Meyer’s investment strategy to improve educational equity in Oregon. Now I’m hoping you will weigh in at Oregon’s Kitchen Table. The survey is available in both English and Spanish.

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How much should I apply for in the Healthy Environment portfolio?

We have covered more than a thousand miles visiting Oregon’s four corners to talk to folks about the goals of Meyer’s Healthy Environment portfolio and the new funding opportunities for 2016.

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Oh, the places you’ll go!

I just topped off a whirlwind of travel over the past month with a trip to my hometown, the Twin Cities.

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Your Questions About Affordable Housing

By now, word about Meyer’s new 2016 Funding Opportunities has been out over a month. We’ve held over 25 information sessions — with more scheduled here — and logged a few thousand miles crisscrossing Oregon.

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Affordable Housing Initiative – Year One Evaluation

When Meyer’s current five-year Affordable Housing Initiative (AHI) launched in 2014, it felt audacious. We worked with the field to craft a refreshed framework of strategies, aimed towards innovation, systems change and the leveraging of resources.

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Get the information you need to apply

The Building Community portfolio, along with two other Meyer portfolios, recently announced funding opportunities to help Oregon’s communities increase their collective capacity to improve conditions for communities of color, Oregonians living on low incomes and other historically marginalized populations.

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Engaged Partner Focused on Equity

While I am a self-acknowledged evangelist, I recognize that “equity” is radical thinking in some circles. But for me, and at Meyer, equity has become the driving force in how we approach our work.

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