Getting Disability Wrong

We’re more than three years into our equity journey at Meyer Memorial Trust, and people assume we have it all figured out. We don’t.

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Save the date: Portfolio Grant Announcements Coming in November

Meyer will announce the first round of grants to be made under our new portfolio framework.

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Why Equity Illustrated?

Find out “What started Equity Illustrated?” in an interview with contest facilitators Darion Demartez Jones, Social Media Specialist, Meyer Memorial Trust and Laura Nash, Communications Coordinator, Northwest Health Foundation.

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Equity Illustrated, 1st place: What is Equity?

To Salomé Chimuku, already a veteran of social justice and public policy reform at age 25, equity is a familiar concept. 

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Equity Illustrated, 2nd place: Oregonians Are All Connected

Turns out a collaboration born of a deep understanding of equity, an appreciation for urban planning, and diverse skills, can be a successful one.

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Equity Illustrated, 3rd place: Equity Is About Resources

Every day since January, Matt Kinshella has created an illustration depicting something he’s grateful for, from Italian architecture to Mexican hot sauce to a baby that sleeps through the night.


Equity Illustrated, Youth Winner: Everyone has a voice

“Everyone has a voice, no matter who they are or what challenges they have,” wrote Carol Bryan, 14, of Corvallis, Oregon, when she submitted her winning entry for the 2016 Equity Illustrated Youth Design Contest.

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Remembering Gerry Pratt

We are saddened to share the news that Gerry Pratt – the last trustee named in Fred G. Meyer’s will establishing a charitable trust from his personal estate – died last week. He was 88.

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Black Lives Matter. Really.

Black lives matter. They do.

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Robust application response speaks to great need in Oregon

When Meyer released our much-anticipated 2016 Spring Funding Opportunities a few months ago, we weren’t sure what the interest and response would be.

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