Announcing the Equity Illustrated finalists

We’re pleased to announce that we have selected finalists for the Equity Illustrated design contest. Entries came from Southern Oregon through Central Oregon and around the Portland Metro region, from artists aged 10-63, and in mediums as varied as pencil, photography and computer animation.

In all, we received 47 artist submissions — 29 adult entries and 18 youth entries. We are very grateful that so many people took the time to think about equity in a meaningful way and invest their creativity into the Equity Illustrated contest. The word equity is often used interchangeably with equality, but Meyer Memorial Trust and Northwest Health Foundation see a big difference between the two.

Our judging panel was made up of 11 folks from local nonprofits, social justice organizations, youth leadership groups and other foundations, as well as experts in design and art. The judges reflected Oregon’s diverse communities of color, sexual identity and disability, along with a range of age, socioeconomic backgrounds and privilege. It was deliberate: to ensure that the voices of Oregonians helped decide the youth and adult finalists.

Thanks again to everyone who submitted artwork to help illustrate the difference!

Click here to preview the Equity Illustrated finalists

Each of these images said something unique about some facet of equity. Please stay tuned for a message announcing the winners in both adult and youth categories.

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  • Jeri Jimenez

    Hi all, Is your link to preview working?When I click on the link I only see the same part of the picture as before.

    • Darion Demartez Jones

      Greetings Jeri,

      The image provided is a preview of the winners. Please stay tuned as we will be releasing full images soon.