7 Questions for Two Departing Meyer Staffers

There are many reasons why 2015 will go down in the record books at Meyer Memorial Trust:

— Our Trustees made a record amount of grants (more than $46 million)

— We welcomed nine new staffers

— We rolled out our new operating framework to make a greater impact where Oregon’s needs loom largest: in education, in the environment, in affordable housing, and in support of leaders, organizations and networks addressing issues of equity.

The eminent departures of Cathie Glennon, “Chief Wrangler” of Meyer’s CEO, Doug Stamm, for nearly 16 years, and Pam Wiley, director of the Willamette River Initiative since 2009, are additional reasons that 2015 will be a year Meyer won’t soon forget.

We’re sad to see them go. Here are seven things you may not know about Pam and Cathie:

1. Workdays at Meyer

Cathie: 4,000 days

Pam: 1,757 days

2. Most memorable Meyer moment

C: Meeting with the former CEO of Meyer, Charles Rooks, as a grantee

P: Bringing the Thiess International Riverprize home to Meyer in 2012

3. Number of Trustee meetings logged or Meyer grant amount awarded

C: Approximately 250 meetings

P: $13 million, to restore and maintain Oregon’s Willamette River

4. Favorite way to give back

C: I love volunteering and giving back to the community, soon I’ll be engaging more with Portland Center Stage and local nonprofits that need volunteer support.

P: Soon, I’ll be able to focus more on direct services: planting a tree, preparing a meal, reading to kids in an early childhood education program, using my hands for good.

5. Dream do-gooder

C: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Baptist minister, social activist and leader of the Civil Rights Movement

P: Jane Goodall, the British primatologist, ethologist, anthropologist and UN Messenger of Peace

6. Secret hobby

C: I’m a HUGE movie fan.

P: Spanish lessons. ¡Entonces!

7. Future “unknown part-time-something” plans

C: Taking more photos, that’s for sure, but I’m even more excited that I’ll be helping out in my granddaughter’s third-grade classroom (while I’m still cool).

P: Connecting to bigger themes in life: music, the arts, doing for others, spending more time outdoors, where I am happiest. And we’ll see where that leads.

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  • Eduardo Moreno

    Congrats Cathie! Here’s a pic from our fun Executive Support outing.