A Working Hiatus

This week we announced that the Trustees approved 109 grants, totaling $4.3 million.

That batch includes the last of the Grassroots Grants that Meyer Memorial Trust will award. Since 2007, the Grassroots Grants program has opened Meyer to nonprofits in every county and corner of Oregon. More than 960 grants, totaling nearly $20 million, were awarded through the program, building relationships that have helped shape the Trust and projects that have improved the lives of our neighbors.

As you’ve probably heard, Meyer is in the midst of a big change, a shift in focus to make a more significant impact in areas Oregonians have indicated deep interest and concern: education, the environment, affordable housing and maintaining the social sector safety net. Meyer is not alone in taking a hard look at its work and realigning its focus: Ford Foundation recently announced plans to direct its considerable influence and wealth toward curbing financial, racial, gender, and other inequities, and to offer its partners significant general operating support.

As we refine what we do, we are asking our nonprofit partners for help in shaping what our grantmaking will look like when we launch our new grant programs later this year. Already, hundreds of affordable housing experts across the nonprofit landscape have taken part in a survey to help define our Safe + Stable Housing portfolio. A new survey aimed at determining the parameters of our Resilient Social Sector portfolio was announced last week. Stay tuned for additional opportunities to ensure that our changes reflect and respect the nonprofits in our wider Oregon community, from its rural towns to its urban centers.

We look forward to keeping you advised on our developments, our ongoing grantmaking activities and the shaping of our new funding programs.


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